Do You Know How to Pick a Good Toothbrush?

Do you know how to pick a good toothbrush?

1. Manual toothbrush

After precision cutting and special processing of the bristles, the very fine fibers can reach the depth of the teeth, and the tooth scale can be completely removed. The bristles with moderate hardness and softness have elasticity and cleaning power, and can also clean the smallest tartar. He has a choice of regular or soft fur.

2. Is electric toothbrush a fashion trend?

In fact, the biggest credit of the electric toothbrush is that it greatly improves the efficiency of brushing. It vibrates faster than a manual toothbrush. Experiments with acoustic vibrating toothbrushes report that they can vibrate liquid teeth even without touching them. These products really improve the efficiency of brushing teeth per unit of time for urbanites with a tight rhythm.

In fact, we find that the biggest oral health problem of modern people is not the choice of specific toothpaste or toothbrush, or the right way to brush teeth, but not enough time to brush teeth. Experts recommend manual brushing for 3 minutes and automatic brushing for 2 minutes each time you brush your teeth. And the general toothbrush 3 months to replace, electric toothbrush because of the small amplitude, deformation chance smaller, so you can replace the brush head for 6 months.

3. Special oral care tools:

· Interdental brush: With replaceable brush head, one cone, one straight barrel.

Tips: Actually, interdental brushes are designed for people with special needs. For example, some people’s gingival atrophy, the gap between the teeth is very obvious, only need to use. For the “braces”, you can also use an interdental brush to clean the space between the metal brackets and the teeth. The average person does not need to use it.

· Tongue coating brush

Tips: The material of tongue coating brush is probably plastic sheet, silicone, brush bristles. There’s no medical reason to clean your tongue, but some people find it makes their mouth feel fresher, and that’s okay.

· Tooth punch: Use pulse spa technology to clean the mouth, equipped with standard nozzle and tongue scraper, and can also be added with toothbrush head, orthodontic spray brush, nose punch and other accessories.

Tips: The principle of the tooth flusher is similar to a high pressure water gun. The water impulse can be adjusted to rinse the cracks between the teeth and gums. It has a different feeling from the toothbrushing.

Post time: Nov-22-2022