Engineering Project of Tufting Toothbrush Machine

The operation principle of CNC machine tool is in accordance with the technical requirements of parts processing, write the processing program of parts, and then input the processing program to the CNC equipment, through the CNC equipment to control the spindle movement and feed movement of the machine tool, as well as the clamping and loosening of the workpiece, cooling, lubrication pump on and off, Make the workpiece and other auxiliary equipment operate in accordance with the order, track and parameters of the processing procedure, and then process the parts in accordance with the requirements of the drawings.

The structure of CNC machine tool is mainly composed of servo system, machine tool body, control medium and CNC equipment.

1. Servo system

Servo system consists of servo motor and servo drive equipment, usually said numerical control system is the integration of exponential control equipment and servo system, so servo system is the implementation of numerical control system system. The speed and displacement instructions declared by CNC equipment control the displacement of implementing parts according to the feed speed and feed direction. Each feeding motion implementation parts are equipped with a servo system, some servo system and azimuth measurement equipment, directly or directly measure the implementation of the practical displacement of the parts, and feedback to the CNC equipment, the processing of fault compensation.

2. Machine tool body

The body of CNC machine tool is similar to the usual machine tools, the difference is that the structure of CNC machine tool is simple and rigid, the drive system uses ball screw instead of the lead screw and rack drive of the usual machine tools, the spindle speed change system simplifies the gear box, and the frequency conversion speed control and servo control are widely used.

3. Control medium

The control medium records all kinds of processing information in the way of instruction, such as the technical process of parts processing, technical parameters and movement, etc., these information is input to the NUMERICAL control equipment, control toothbrush hair planting machine NUMERICAL control machine tool for parts cutting.

4. CNC equipment for toothbrush hair planting machine

Toothbrush hair planting machine CNC equipment is the base of CNC machine tools, its function is to bear the input processing information, through the numerical control equipment system software and logic circuit decoding, operation and logic processing, to the servo system to declare the corresponding pulse, and through the servo system to control the machine tool moving parts according to the processing program instructions.

Post time: Sep-05-2022