Factors to Consider When Choosing the Trimming Machine

When choosing the trimming machine, we should know what kind of we need, and what kind of trimming machine is in line with our own production needs. So what are the factors to consider when choosing a trimming machine? It is mainly for the requirements of the pile after wool grinding, and also takes into account the fabric weaving structure, fabric material, and other factors such as site, yield, stacking and so on.

1. general chemical fiber fabric, spring spinning using wet grinding, other are dry grinding;

2. Selection of other parameters of the wool grinding machine:

According to the requirements of production speed, the number of roller requirements.

The requirements for the width of the roller surface of the equipment are: cloth width +200mm.

3. Other equipment suitable for the wool grinding machine;

4. vertical horizontal choice

The grinding machine is divided into three categories: vertical, horizontal and planetary. Planetary grinding machine is practical in the development. All kinds of fabrics, corresponding to various categories of wool grinding machine. Vertical wool grinding machine is more suitable for the wool grinding of warp and weft elastic fabrics and low-tension fabrics. The vertical wool grinding machine fabric is suspended in the grinding area to remove the influence of gravity on the fabric with special structure, and the running tension is smaller to ensure the flat running of the fabric. When the horizontal wool mill is running, it is necessary to apply a large tension to resist the influence of gravity on the deformation of the hanging weight of the fabric, so that the fabric can keep flat running during the wool grinding.

Vertical wool mill is more practical, occupies a small area, and has significant advantages. Many kinds of horizontal wool mill contain various kinds of woven fabric, thick and thin fabric, but not all processes, such as wet grinding, etc., are not too suitable for vertical. Other disadvantages are that vertical wool mill is relatively higher in cost than horizontal one. The number of rollers arranged is relatively limited.

5. sand roller, carbon fiber roller, emery roller selection and the number of mesh selection

According TO the fabric characteristics, weaving structure, and market fashion, the roller shape, sand size and whether the combination of processing technology can be used to make different choices.

The general market requires long and sparse pile, with low mesh coarse sandpaper, short and dense pile, with high mesh fine sandpaper, or with sand low and carbon fiber or ceramic fiber roller combination to reach the target. Chemical fiber fabric suede, peach skin velvet, etc., with emery grinding to achieve better results.

Post time: Sep-05-2022