Full Automatic Tufting Machine Maintenance Safety Matters

Compared with the old flocking machine before, the automatic flocking machine is quite convenient and fast to use now, but many people do not know how to maintain the flocking machine. Here are some points that should be paid attention to when maintaining the automatic hair planting machine:

1. Keep the guide rail and lead rod clean at all times to avoid debris adhering to the guide rail or lead rod, which will affect the accuracy of machine working positioning;

2. Ensure that the electric box works in a ventilated environment, avoid damp or high temperature environment, and prevent the electric box from violent vibration;

3. It is forbidden to hit the touch screen with hard objects, which will lead to the decrease of the sensitivity of the screen, and even break the glass screen.

4. It is forbidden to pull the cable too hard;

5. There is a high voltage in the electric box. When there is a fault, non-professional personnel should not open it to avoid electric shock or damage to the system data;

6. The operator must often add lubricating oil to each moving part of the hair planting machine to reduce the wear between the machinery;

 7. The operator should regularly check whether the screws appear loose phenomenon, if there must be timely locking;

8. The electric box cannot work in the environment of strong electromagnetic field, otherwise there may be uncontrolled situation;

9. The input power supply wiring should be correct (the red, blue and yellow lines are respectively connected to 380V three-phase lines, the green lines are connected to neutral lines, and the yellow and green interphase ground lines). Pin numbers: 1, 2 and 3 are 380V phase lines, 4 neutral lines and 5 ground lines. The operating voltage must be maintained at AC380±10V to be stable, as excessive voltage may cause electronic components to burn out.

Post time: Sep-18-2022