Science Daily | Is the Electric Toothbrush Cleaner?

Everyone wants to have a healthy white teeth, so daily oral care, brushing on time is essential. Having good teeth is also a kind of wealth. After all, thousands or even tens of thousands of fillings are needed, and toothaches give us the chills.

Choosing a good toothbrush is the first step in protecting your teeth. Many kinds of toothbrush, electric toothbrush is gradually accepted by everyone. So, is an electric toothbrush right for you?


According to different working modes, electric toothbrush can be divided into electric drive rotary type and high frequency acoustic vibration type. How do they work?

Rotary toothbrush also known as mechanical toothbrush, brush head with the clock pendulum rotation, brush a tooth and then move to another tooth, its is the use of internal micro motor drive gear, through the drive shaft to drive the brush head around rotation. Rotary toothbrush is suitable for adults because of its strength.

Another vibrating toothbrush, brush head to vibrate up and down, moving up and down in the teeth, it is the use of magnetic levitation motor high speed vibration, electricity after the electromagnetic device to form a magnetic field, vibration device in the middle of the magnetic levitation to form a high frequency vibration frequency, through the transmission shaft to the brush head, brush bristles up and down vibration cleaning teeth.

What’s the difference between an electric toothbrush and a regular toothbrush?

1. Electric toothbrush is more convenient and labor-saving, and will not cause arm fatigue due to long time manual brushing.

2, electric toothbrush is more expensive than ordinary toothbrush, and some electric toothbrush also need to change the battery, charging, higher cost.

3, not everyone is suitable for using electric toothbrush, because electric toothbrush in the hand when the vibration frequency is large, noise is relatively large, some people will feel dizzy in the process of use; Electric toothbrushes are also not suitable for children.

In fact, if you can strictly brush your teeth in the right way, the final cleaning effect of the two will not be much different. The toothbrush is only a tool for brushing teeth, and can not be relied on too much. The attitude and method of brushing teeth are more important. Ordinary manual toothbrush can also brush teeth very clean.

Teeth wear out and do not regenerate. In order to avoid wearing teeth, treat teeth in different positions and brush teeth differently.

In addition, many people struggle with the softness and rigidity of the toothbrush bristles. The hardness of the bristles varies from person to person. This is mainly because the bristles are too hard to scratch the gums; Too soft and easy to brush dirty, so there is no need to go overboard with extremely soft bristles. Toothbrush replacement frequency is not limited to three months, according to personal feelings and toothbrush wear and tear.

Post time: Oct-31-2022