The Development of Brush Industry is Gradually Diversified

As far as the present stage is concerned, it is the upgrading stage of Chinese brush products. The transition from low-end to high-end products, from a single product to a diversified product, which provides a good foundation for the development of the brush industry. When foreign high-end products are introduced into China, some advanced technology and management mode will also be introduced.

In terms of time, a few years ago, Chinese brush industry overall grade is not too high, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises, the start is lower, and most of them are small workshops. The changes in recent years are relatively large, one is the improvement of personnel quality; The second is the improvement of technology and management level.

From the perspective of technology, the current domestic production technology level is uneven, many large foreign manufacturers take China as their product processing base, and many international enterprises have entered the mainland market.

From the perspective of traditional brush making, the first is tools, such as hand tools, hydraulic tools, power tools develop rapidly; Second, civil brush, industrial brush, the replacement speed is relatively fast.

In addition, the brush market is in great demand. A small processing plant, the production process is very backward, but it has a sales force of more than 100,000 people across the country. Chinese brush industry after ten years of accumulation and steady improvement, is now the biggest country in the world output, export steadily increase every year.

In the future, the development of China’s brush industry will tend to be diversified, the technology level is getting higher and higher, and the quality will be high. In addition to China’s planning and management of the brush making industry and the implementation of preferential policies, China’s brush making industry will have more and more space for development.

Post time: Nov-15-2022