High Performance Automatic OPP Packing Machine

Short Description:

OPP packaging machine is the heat shrink packaging machine equipment is more advanced, a high degree of automation of a product. The product is suitable for film sealing and heat shrinkable packaging. It can automatically feed film, automatic bag making, surface smoothing, sealing and cutting film packaging, heat shrink packaging at one time. At the same time, the waste can be recycled. Its cutter is made of constant temperature aluminum alloy, specially made for OPP diaphragm sealing and cutting. The characteristic of the cutter is that the sealing line is relatively thin, anti – stick. In addition, it can be adjusted in a certain range for different sizes of packages without replacing grinding tools. At the same time can be manually adjusted parts of the heat shrinkable furnace temperature and speed of heat shrinkable packaging.

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Main Application

This equipment is suitable for packing daily products, stationery, hardware, cosmetics, medicine and other blister packaging. Packaging items such as: toothbrushes, pens, solid glue, lip balm, pen, glue, socket, bearing, brake pads, injections and other packaging, so as to improve the grade of products. It adopts color touch screen and stable and reliable dual-axis high-precision output PLC control, bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, coding, cutting bag once completed.


OPP Packing Machine (3)

● side open protective baffle with good visibility, safe operation

● with high automatic grade, high efficiency and high stability

● clean, sanitary, energy saving, using OPP packaging machine clean and sanitary, and no longer need manual work


Machine Data

Voltage: 230V

Maximum Power: 2.1KW

Whole machine size: 680mm X 1120mm

Table height: 920mm

Machine weight: 70kg

Maximum product height: 200mm

OPP Packing Machine (1)

Detail Information

OPP Packing Machine (2)

Main Part

Feature: 1. Synchronous positioning, high precision

2. High precision and high stability

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