High Efficiency Tufting Machine for Toothbrush Making

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The machine is suitable for all kinds of brushes, such as: toothbrushes, cosmetic brushes, industrial brushes and other brushes, to apply required brush filaments for various types of brushes.


The equipment is composed of various mechanical structures, such as frame, mobile platform, servo electrical appliance, scanner, main motor, transmission wheel, CAM, wool box, feeding device, wire feeding device, high-speed hair planting device and so on. Put the toothbrush handle on the workbench, and put filament in the filament feeder, using the transmission wheel, CAM, mobile platform, filament feeder, wire feeding device, feeding device, high-speed filament tufting device and other mechanical structures, the brush wire in the brush, produce the desired effect of the product. Its capacity is about 8,000-25,000 pieces per 12 hours.

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Main Feature

The whole model introduced German CNC technology independently developed intelligent CNC scanning hole coordinate touch screen LCD computer servo control system, using Germany IMA, AFG, DURBAL and Japan NSK, IKO and other imported bearings assembly, the introduction of German CNC technology independently developed intelligent CNC scanning hole coordinate touch screen LCD computer,  6 axis Japanese Fuji F6 servo motor Universal fixture and automatic cylinder double pressure Filament feeder, make the equipment strong stability, high repeatable positioning accuracy, easy operation, strong anti-interference ability.


Main technical parameters

Machine dimension: 118cmX118cmX140cm

Equipment speed: 300-840 holes/min

Wooden case size: 28cmX128cmX153cm

Memory: 400(data)

Net weight: 760KG

Scan: (Infrared)

Cross weight: 860KG

Number of filament boxes: 1-3 bits

Input voltage: three-phase 380V 50-60Hz

Hole diameter: 1.2-3.5MM

Power switch: 20A↑

Tufiting length: 50MM

Power: 2.2KW

Tufiting width: 50MM

Compressed air pressure: 0.5MPa

Filament material: Petg/pp/AS/PET(ets)

Input air tube: 8MM

Sheet width: 1.3-1.4MM

Air consumption: ≥1㎡/MIN

Sheet thickness: 0.25-0.3MM

Noise: 60(db)

Sheet material: copper, aluminum, iron

Oil tank No.: Xindejia Lubricating Oil No. CC40

Filament length: 24-35MM

Equipment use: refer to the manual of tufting macchine

Filament Dia: 0.08-0.4MM


Filament material: PP/PET/PBT/PA6/PA66(ets)

Detail Information

Intelligent CNC Control Computer Part

Tufting Machine (4)

Features: 1. the introduction of German CNC technology to develop intelligent CNC scanning hole coordinate technology

2. Using American imported CNC CPU chip, P4 dual-core processor

3. Automatic tracking and speed regulation, precise positioning and convenient operation

4. The system is stable and reliable, adapts to different environments, and has strong anti-interference

Servo Motor Part Of Worktable And Handle Change

Features: 1. The equipment adopts high-precision servo motors imported from Japan.

2. Adopt German imported precision C1 double threaded ball screw.

3. Designed to never wear,high-precision wear-resistant light rail type, sealed self-lubricating bearings, release the weight of the X-axis table, and achieve 850-speed high-speed tifiting effect.

Tufting Machine (5)
Tufting Machine (6)
Tufting Machine (7)
Tufting Machine (8)

The Coordinate Part Of Auto Scanning

Features: 1. Adopt high-tech infrared automatic scanning toothbrush handle hole coordinates

2. High efficiency changing size, easy to operate, fast and easy to learn

3. High precision of positioning coordinates: tolerance ± 0.02mm

Part Of High Tufting

Features: Adopt Germany imported materials, through professional technology and high precision processing equipment manufacturing tufiting head, hair tufiting knife, tufiting rod, high hardness, good toughness, strong wear resistance, processing technology error ± 0.01mm, so that tufiting stability, high efficiency, strong tension, not loose filament.

Tufting Machine (9)

Part Of Filament Box (two colors)

Tufting Machine (10)

Part Of Filament Box (three colors)

Tufting Machine (11)

Feature: 1. Widening design to ensure the stability of filament volume and increase productivity.

2. Double filament pressing design, pneumatic progressive filament pressing, to ensure high stability of filament picking, no thin filament, no filament spilling.

3. The special metal coating process of hair trough ensures the best product quality.


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