• Automatic Tufting and Trimming Machine with All-in-one

    Automatic Tufting and Trimming Machine with All-in-one


    The whole machine is composed of four kinds of equipment, including tufting machine, handle feeder machine, timming machine, and vacuum cleaner, into a fully automatic toothbrush tufting & timming machine. Among them, the tufting machine is composed of various mechanical structures such as a base, a moving table, a servo electric appliance, a scanner, a main motor, a transmission wheel, a cam, three-color filament box, a feeding device, a filament feeding device, and a high-speed tufting device. The tufting machine is composed of frame, bucket, washboard, weighing, feeding, U-turn, turning, main arm and other structures. The timming machine is composed of a frame, a main motor, a disc, a fixture, a hair cutting knife, a grinding disc, dust removal and static electricity removal, and servo electrical appliances.

    The machine adopts the mechanical structure of feeding toothbrush handle and send them to the tufting machine for tufting filament automatically. Filament feeding box, tufting device and other mechanical linkage work, brush handle here to complete tufting process, then toothbrush  than send them to trimming machine by the mechanical arm for grinding filament, the working process is to produce the desired effect of the product by means of cutting knife and grinding plate and remove electrostatic and finished product move device. Its capacity is about 8,000-25,000 pieces per 12 hours.