Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Toothbrush Production Line

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Main Application:

It apply to various brush, such as toothbrush, cosmetic brush and industrial brush, etc. and process the Logo required by these brushes.


The equipment consists of frame, hopper, washboard, centering, weighing, releasing, turning, flipping, hot stamping and other mechanical structures. As long as put the brush on the mechanical devices, it can automatically process the Logo required by the brush. Its capacity is about 2000pcs per hour. (Capacity is for reference only, actual capacity according to product effect to adjust speed.)

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Main Feature

● This equipment adopts IMA,AFG,DURBAL, Japan NSK,IKO and all kinds of imported bearings assembly.

● It introduces German CNC technology and 6-axis CNC equipment from Germany, and the accessories are integrated with higher precision.  

● It invites Japan Fuji engineers to assist, with independent research and development of the operating system, humanized design, simple operation and strong stability.


Basic Parameters

Technical Parameters

Equipment dimension: 170cmX62cmX155cm

Equipment speed: 33pcs/min

Wood box: 180cmX72cmX165cm

Stock bin: about 500pcs

Net weigh: 200KG

Washboard-adult size(big): 6(tier) 218MM(length)X14MM(width)

Gross weigh: 300KG

Washboard-adult size(small): 7(tier)218MM(length)X12MM(width)

Input voltage: two-phase 220V

Electric class: 6(tier)112MM(length)X14MM(width)

Power switch: 16A↑

Weight limit: 1000 g

Power: 1KW

Supply: 5 bits

Compressed air pressure: 0.4MPa

Turning function: Infrared ray

Intake-tube: 8MM

Front and back functions of machine: Blowing module

Air consumption: ≥0.5/MIN

Product length: 75MM-200MM

Oil Filter: Yadeke-105 oil mist special oil

Product width: 5MM-25MM

Decibel: about 65 db

Product shape: Regular class

Detail Information

Hot Foil Stamping Machine (4)

Washboard Structure

Feature: 1. Adopting ball bearing design, feeding more stable and faster; Adopting width design, adapt to all kinds of brush in the market.

Turning Structure

Feature: Adopting electric machine, more stable than cylinder and has longer service life.

Hot Foil Stamping Machine (5)
Hot Foil Stamping Machine (6)

Weighing Device

Feature: Adopting weighing design, more stable than mechanical design and easy to adjust.

Refueling Device

Feature: Convenient refueling, without tools.

Hot Foil Stamping Machine (7)
Hot Foil Stamping Machine (8)

Hot Stamping Device

Feature: 6-axis design, quick and easy to adjust.

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