Automatic Tufting and Trimming Machine with All-in-one

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The whole machine is composed of four kinds of equipment, including tufting machine, handle feeder machine, timming machine, and vacuum cleaner, into a fully automatic toothbrush tufting & timming machine. Among them, the tufting machine is composed of various mechanical structures such as a base, a moving table, a servo electric appliance, a scanner, a main motor, a transmission wheel, a cam, three-color filament box, a feeding device, a filament feeding device, and a high-speed tufting device. The tufting machine is composed of frame, bucket, washboard, weighing, feeding, U-turn, turning, main arm and other structures. The timming machine is composed of a frame, a main motor, a disc, a fixture, a hair cutting knife, a grinding disc, dust removal and static electricity removal, and servo electrical appliances.

The machine adopts the mechanical structure of feeding toothbrush handle and send them to the tufting machine for tufting filament automatically. Filament feeding box, tufting device and other mechanical linkage work, brush handle here to complete tufting process, then toothbrush  than send them to trimming machine by the mechanical arm for grinding filament, the working process is to produce the desired effect of the product by means of cutting knife and grinding plate and remove electrostatic and finished product move device. Its capacity is about 8,000-25,000 pieces per 12 hours.

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Main Application

The machine is suitable for all kinds of brushes, such as: toothbrushes, cosmetic brushes, industrial brushes and other brushes. It used for the brush filaments required for various types of brushes.

Main Feature

● Machine is used with various imported bearings from Germany IMA, AFG, DURBAL and Japan NSK, IKO, so that the quality of the equipment is guaranteed.

● Introduce German CNC technology to independently research and develop an intelligent numerical control face-sweeping coordinate touch screen LCD computer, and Japan's Fuji four-axis original servo motor, which makes the equipment stable, high precision of repeated positioning, convenient operation, and strong anti-interference ability.

● Fully-automatic feeder handle device, real universal fixture, mechanical arm link, so that the production and operation of the equipment can save costs, and it is easy to adjust and change models.

● The design of double trimming knives in the grinding process is suitable for the design and production of various product shapes.

● Eight-level omnidirectional positive and negative cone swing type and imported diamond grinding disc, so that the ratio of grinding and rounding is more than 90% higher than that of the national standard.

●Design automatic de-static dust removal device

● Reserve mechanical space to prepare a prerequisite for special product design actions (such as the product in the video, which has an automatic feeding function designed to save labor costs)


Basic parameters of

Host size: 197cmX245cmX157cm

Vacuum size:105cmX84cmX196cm

(host)Wooden case size: 200cmX250cmX190cm

(vacuuming)Wooden case size: 90cmX110cmX205cm

Net weight: 1180KG+220KG

Cross weight: 1420KG+280KG

Disassembly size1: 131cmX244cmX157cm

Disassembly size2: 108cmX133cmX157cm

Input voltage: three-phase 380V 50-60HZ

Power switch: 32A↑

Power: 7KW

Compressed air pressure: 0.65MPa

Intake pipe: 12MM

Air consumption: ≥1㎡/MIN

Noise: 65 (dB)


Tank No.: Xindejia Lubricating Oil No. CC40

Equipment use: refer to the manual and equipment operation video

Detail Information

Intelligent Cnc Control Computer Part

Tufting and Trimming Machine (5)

Features: 1 the introduction of German CNC technology to develop intelligent CNC scanning hole coordinate technology

2. Using American imported CNC CPU chip, P4 dual-core processor

3. Automatic tracking and speed regulation, precise positioning and convenient operation

4. The system is stable and reliable, adapts to different environments, and has strong anti-interference

Servo Motor Part Of Worktable And Handle Change

Features: 1. The equipment adopts high-precision servo motors imported from Japan

2. Adopt German imported precision C1 double threaded ball screw

3. Designed to never wear, high-precision wear-resistant light rail type, sealed self-lubricating bearings, release the weight of the X-axis table, and achieve 850-speed high-speed tufting effect

Tufting and Trimming Machine (6)
Tufting and Trimming Machine (7)
Tufting and Trimming Machine (8)
Tufting and Trimming Machine (9)

The Coordinate Part Of Auto Scanning

Features: 1. Adopt high-tech infrared automatic scanning toothbrush handle hole coordinates

2. High efficiency changing size, easy to operate, fast and easy to learn

3. High precision of positioning coordinates: tolerance ± 0.02mm

Part Of High Tufting

Features: Adopt Germany imported materials, through professional technology and high precision processing equipment manufacturing tufting head, hair tufting knife, tufting rod, high hardness, good toughness, strong wear resistance, processing technology error ± 0.01mm, so that tufting stability, high efficiency, strong tension, not loose filament

Tufting and Trimming Machine (10)
Tufting and Trimming Machine (11)
Tufting and Trimming Machine (12)

Universal Fixture

Feature: The universal fixture in the true sense, and can plant all kinds of electric toothbrush without tailings, without each product customized fixture or special products can not be produced

Rotating Shaft

Feature: High precision direct connection rotating Z axis (no need to replace the belt)

Tufting and Trimming Machine (13)

Part Of Filament Box (two colors)

Tufting and Trimming Machine (14)

Part Of Filament Box (three colors)

Tufting and Trimming Machine (15)

Feature: 1. Widening design to ensure the stability of filament volume and increase productivity

2. Double filament pressing design, pneumatic progressive filament pressing, to ensure high stability of filament picking, no thin filament, no filament spilling

3. The special metal coating process of hair trough ensures the best product quality

Part Of Square Hole

Feature: 1. Can produce square hole type brush, conventional brush more versatile 

2.Adjustable mechanical structure design, convenient and quick adjustment.

Tufting and Trimming Machine (16)
Tufting and Trimming Machine (17)

A Curved Part

Feature: 1. Casting process, to eliminate the internal stress caused by equipment vibration, so as to ensure the accuracy of repeated positioning.

2. The mechanical mechanism of the working table is designed inside the L-shaped castings, which is more reasonable, so that its load-bearing force is more powerful than that of a merchant designed outside the L-shaped castings.

Manipulator: 1. Rocker Arm

Feature: Rocker arm design, 50% faster than the conventional guide rail speed, fast adjustment

Tufting and Trimming Machine (18)
Tufting and Trimming Machine (19)

Manipulator: 2. Finger Clip

Feature: The toothbrush head is designed to be more stable. The toothbrush with large deformation is not easy to clamp the handle to increase productivity.

Grinding: 1. Mechanical Connecting Arm

Feature: The mechanical arm (connect from tufiting to grinding) saves the cost of the production and operation of the equipment, and it is easy to adjust and replace the machine.

Tufting and Trimming Machine (20)
Tufting and Trimming Machine

Grinding:2. Timming Device

Feature: Double trimming design in the grinding process, suitable for various shapes of designed products

Grinding Head

Feature: Eighth-grade all-directional positive and negative dimensional swing type and imported diamond grinding disc, so that the ratio of grinding filament grinding round is more than 90% higher than the national standard

Tufting and Trimming Machine (21)
Tufting and Trimming Machine (22)

Dust Removal Device, Electrostatic Removal Device

Feature: Auto design for dust removal device, electrostatic removal device.

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