About the Quality of the Brush

The quality problem of the brush is generally reflected by the significant quality problem of the brush. However, in addition to the quality of the brush wire, we must also analyze the processing technology, common case analysis is as follows:

  1. Processing crush brush wire

When the brush is damaged, its strength and endurance are greatly affected, or the contact surface of the brush root is very sharp or rough, and the endurance of the brush wire will also be reduced, shortening the service life.

         2.The difference in processing technology

Sometimes brush with his familiar process to replace other, also can produce quality is poor, such as metal stamping brush, because of the dense, brush surface hardness is bigger, use when pressure is small, and we have a small amount of wire brush root activity space, can reduce the impact of the root, in the pneumatic machinery processing, use life will be significantly longer flocking processing and brush.

         3.Brush wire density is small

Some brush factories in order to save the cost of silk, the number of brush roots per hole is rare, or the density of the brush hole is not enough, resulting in the overall brush roller hair is sparse, the bristle surface is soft and weak, grinding efficiency is low, users do not know so, increase the back pressure or speed to improve efficiency, and brush wire overload work, life is greatly reduced.

         4.Brush silk and hair tilt

When pressing the U-shaped metal strip, special attention should be paid to whether the brush wire is smooth or not. If there is an emergence and incline, the resistance of the reverse brush wire increases greatly when the brush roller is running, which is easy to break the wire, and the life of the brush roller is greatly reduced.

        5.Brush the silk trimming is too long

When the length of the brush wire is too long, it is not the cutting surface of the brush wire that is working, but the side of the brush wire that is working. More importantly, the swing amplitude of each wire is increased in large quantities. At the speed of 800-2500 / min, the stress and fatigue coefficient of the brush wire foundation are doubled, resulting in the breakage of the abrasive brush wire and the deformation of the brush.

        6. Brush hair removal

There are two important cases: single bundle shedding, local hair removal. Single bundle hair removal is the stability of the plant hair is not good, important and drilling size, planting, depth, the number of hair roots, generally can be tested by a single bundle of tension test; In fact, local hair removal is mainly based on broken hair, important and brush roller force dynamic balance, brush wire quality, wool quality, through careful inspection, can find out the crux.

Post time: Oct-14-2022