Do you know anything about Hot Foil Stamping Machine?

Bronzing is a special printing process without ink. It refers to the process of stamping electrochemical aluminum foil to the surface of the substrate at a certain temperature and pressure. Therefore, the bronzing machine is the equipment to complete the bronzing process.

What is the principle of bronzing? It is the color of tipping paper have passed the adjustment of the pressure and time the tipping paper cover to the substrates, then hot stamping paper by the effect of temperature and pressure, the glue layer combined with substrates, and then by hot stamping paper some detachment layer and base layer, the rest of the glue layer, electric plating and color is hot stamping on the substrates.

At present, the domestic and foreign market can see, used for paper processing of bronzing machine, from the working principle of classification, can be divided into flat, circular flattening, circular pressing round three categories. Hot stamping machine is the most popular flat stamping machine, the use of the most common manual stamping machine is also in this category of flat stamping machine.

In the field of packaging and printing, flat stamping process has been most widely used because the equipment used in it usually has gilding and dual functions. For users, in the bronzing business is not stable, or not enough to ensure the full load of equipment, the use of flat stamping die cutting machine, can ensure investment benefits. At the same time, in terms of the process, flat stamping is also the most mature stamping process, the production of the stamping plate can be solved in China. In addition to the general plane bronzing plate, can also be made into a three-dimensional engraved bronzing plate, to achieve a stamping, stamping concave and convex molding.

Its bronzing principle is mainly the use of hot pressure transfer. Under the pressure under the action of electrochemical aluminum contact with hot plate, substrates, due to temperature of electric heating plate hot plate has a certain quantity of heat, electrochemical aluminum heat melt hot melt dyeing resin layer and adhesive, colored resin layer viscous force is reduced, and after special thermal melt adhesive viscosity increases, aluminum layer and electrochemical aluminum membrane stripping of transfer printing on the substrates at the same time, along with the pressure discharge is divided, The adhesive cools and cures quickly, and the aluminum layer is firmly attached to the substrate to complete the hot stamping process.

Considering the characteristics of all kinds of arts and crafts above, combined with their own production needs, the purchase of appropriate technology and equipment, is the user needs to grasp when investing.

Post time: Oct-31-2022