How Brushes are made? (II)

The brush hair should be made of nylon material with moderate hardness. Although the structure is very simple, but the production process of the brush head is the most complicated.

(1) Injection molding

The most common method of processing plastic in industry is injection molding, in which the plastic particles are melted down and injected into the mold of the mop head at one time with an injection molding machine.

(2) The punch

The flat side of the broom head, like the scalp that needs to plant hair, should do a few preparatory work first.

First, a CNC drilling arm holds up the mop head and then punches holes in it line by line. Each broom head is sequentially punched with hundreds of holes. We don’t see so many holes, it takes less than a minute, this speed is almost as fast as the sewing machine. In short, the more holes you punch, the more advanced and efficient the punch you use.

(3) To clean up

Gently remove debris from the surface of the broom with a dedicated brush.

(4) Implant the bristles

The process of implanting the bristles is the core of the whole process, related to the life of the broom. The hair planting machine is a CNC supporting knife according to the size of the aperture to take out the right amount of bristles. The speed of the computer numerical control flocking machine is about the same as the drilling speed. Figurically speaking, hair planting is like taking the wire as a staple, the bristles as paper, and the brush handle as a public board. Then hair planting is the process of stapling the paper on the public board.

ⓐ flocking on the rotary table, each turn the hair from the pile of transit take a pinch of a fixed number of broom.

ⓑThe stamper not only binds the bristles, but also hides a little process inside, which is the bending of the U-shaped hoop.

ⓒ be stamping in sheet metal wire into U type, be metal push the card in the middle of the brush, stamping together again to broom head drilled hole.

ⓓ ring has good bearing bristles on graft, flocking machine to set aside space to plug into the new holes brush, mechanical combination, cooperate with the tacit understanding, comparable to men and women is tie-in, work not tired! The wire stuck firmly in the drilled hole, which is the main reason why such brooms do not shed hair easily.

ⓔI can see it more clearly in the side view. It is the ring that strips the hole for hair planting, and then the hair planting machine folds the amount of bristles and expels the bristles against the ring. This is the rammer principle of injecting the bristles.

ⓕ finally put on a broom, a complete hair broom head away, pruning can let the ends of the bristles and uniformity. Then the next broomhead is born, and the fates turn.

The above brush process is also widely used in all kinds of daily brush, cosmetic brush, nail brush, eyebrow comb, hair series of hair comb, round stick comb, massage brush, wood brush, barbecue copper wire brush, electrical series of dust cleaning brush production industry.

Post time: Oct-31-2022