Initiating “Lean Field” Project

On July 11,2019, Guangdong Chuangyan Technology Co.,Ltd. initiated the “Lean Field” Project. This project is our company invited “Huaqizhimou” to plan and guide.

The implementation plan of the “lean field” project mainly includes four aspects:

The first aspect is to insist on cleaning, to create a clean office and production site. Clean up the area according to the division of the department, including garbage, dust, dirt and unnecessary items, implement the site cleaning and cleaning requirements.

The second aspect is adhere to the fixed point, to create a visual office and production site. Through the ground, wall and other field space dimensions, do a good job of office desks and chairs, articles and production workshop equipment, articles positioning line, to achieve a clear management order on site. In addition, the “red card operation” was also carried out once a month, which mainly consisted of two teams of department representatives to check the on-site situation of each department and take photos to record, so as to make the department have the direction of rectification.

The third aspect is stipulate some strict requirements, to create a standardized and excellent team. Implement strict layout standards, attendance discipline, work style and dress requirements, let the staff carefully comply with and implement. It can improve the company's strict standards and staff image, strengthen the company's team building.

The fourth aspect is actively improve, build a disciplined professional team. Every month, each department will put forward internal focus and general improvement proposals, and then compare them at the meeting, and award outstanding departments. This is also an effective measure to improve department construction and staff enthusiasm.

We believe that under the initiate of “Lean Field” project, Guangdong Chuangyan Co., Ltd. will have a more perfect company management and team building, but also can have a long-term, sustainable and vigorous development.

Initiating “Lean Field” Project

Post time: Jun-23-2022