Toothbrush Logo Hot Stamping Machine

With the development of science and technology, the production industry is gradually mechanized and automated. The injection molding, hair planting, printing and other links of toothbrush production have been automated, allowing the toothbrush to be accurately fixed on the processing station, replacing manual operations and greatly improving Production efficiency and product quality, labor intensity is greatly reduced.
The toothbrush automatic hot stamping machine is assembled with various imported bearings such as German IMA, AFG, DURBAL, and Japanese NSK, IKO, etc., and introduces German CNC technology and 6-axis CNC German equipment. The accessories are integrated and the precision is higher. Invite Japanese Fuji engineers to assist, self-developed operating system, humanized design, easy operation, strong stability. Applicable to all kinds of brushes, such as: toothbrush, cosmetic brush, industrial brush and other brushes. Put the brush handle on the hopper of the equipment, and then go through mechanical devices such as washboard, centering, weighing, release, U-turn, flipping, bronzing, etc., to process the LOGO required by the product. The equipment can be automatically fed, automatically stamped, precise and labor-saving, cost-saving, suitable for most toothbrushes, and easy to adjust and operate.
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Post time: Dec-13-2022