Two-color Toothbrush Tufting Machine Selection and Routine Maintenance

The selection of two-color toothbrush tufting machine should pay attention to the following points:

1. Enterprise qualification

It is necessary to investigate the qualification of equipment suppliers, understand the strength of suppliers, beware of buying fake and inferior two-color toothbrush fender;

Field investigation of supplier enterprise scope, actual factory site, processing equipment, management mode, etc.;

Whether there is a certain degree of fame in the industry, whether there is its independent intellectual property rights;

Understand whether the equipment supplier belongs to a legal business unit, legal person, business registration, tax registration and related licenses are complete.

2. Evaluate product quality

What materials are used for parts, such as: steel raw materials, cylinder, guide rail, bearing, lead screw brand, etc.;

The mechanical structure of the matching two-color toothbrush flocking machine and drilling machine is reasonable, such as whether there is hard collision, friction, operation noise, etc.;

Whether there are parts processing technology, such as: surface brightness, hardness, marking, precision;

Has THE equipment positioning accuracy, such as: table positioning accuracy, mechanical structure clearance, machining process from slow to fast repetition accuracy, control system thrusters and motors, etc.

3. Degree of service

Whether the supplier can solve any problems in the brush making process for you;

Whether the supplier can supply parts for you in time;

Whether the supplier can timely visit you to solve the major equipment failure;

Can the supplier systematically provide you with technical training?

After purchase, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of equipment:

1. Check the equipment line regularly and replace the worn line in time;

2, regularly check the fragile parts, timely change the wear excessive parts, to prevent the wear of parts affect the quality of products;

3, do a good job in the daily maintenance of equipment, keep the equipment clean, timely clean up dust, debris, waste, timely increase lubricating oil, wear and rust prevention work.

Post time: Sep-05-2022