What Can the Tufting Machine be used for?

Tufting machine is a variety of brush products such as toothbrush, hair color brush, hair comb, steel wire brush, fruit washing machine roller brush, brush roller and other products of hair planting processing equipment. The earliest for the hand machine, later developed into electric hair machine. With the development of automation, now has developed a variety of intelligent CNC high-speed hair planter.

According to the shape of the processed products, the CNC hair planting machine can be divided into two-axis CNC hair planting machine, three-axis CNC hair planting machine, four-axis CNC hair planting machine, five-axis CNC hair planting machine, etc. The supporting equipment of the hair planting machine includes: drilling machine, hair shearing machine, hair grinding machine and flower beating machine. In order to reduce the labor cost, belt machine to improve automation in recent years developed drilling and planting machine, drilling and planting hair shearing hair grinding line production equipment.

The mechanical part of the hair planting machine is mainly divided into three parts: head, fuselage and fixture.

The head is the main mechanical part of the hair planting machine. The main action of hair planting is to take hair, tangent line, wire forming, wire tie brush wire, and implant the brush wire into the hole. The head mainly through the connecting rod, CAM structure to achieve the above main action. The head is divided into two types according to the way of planting: copper (iron) type head and horse nail (iron wire) type head. The nose is divided into four sizes according to the length of plant hair: 26H, 36H, 75H and 150H. According to the color of the plant is divided into: monochrome, two-color head; According to the speed of planting hair can be divided into: ordinary head and high speed head.

Copper (iron) head is mainly used a certain length of copper (iron) brush wire press into the hole, copper (iron) insert into the two walls of the hole, in order to achieve the requirements of tension.

The head of the horse nail machine shapes the wire into an inverted “U” shape, ties the brush wire, implants it into the hole, and achieves the locking effect through the deformation and expansion of the wire.

The fuselage is the main structure of the felling machine, which is used to install the head, motor, lead rod, workbench and fixture.

Fixture is used to install processing products of the device, according to different products, different technology, design different fixture.

Post time: Sep-08-2022