Automatic Toothbrush Trimming Machine for Toothbrush Making

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Suitable for all kinds of brushes, such as: toothbrushes, cosmetic brushes, industrial brushes, etc. It can cut and grind the filaments of various brushes, such as toothbrushes, cosmetic brushes, and industrial brushes, to obtain the desired effect of the product.


The equipment consists of various mechanical structures such as frame, active chain, intermittent gear box, main motor, transmission chain, reduction box, passive sprocket, fixture, cutting knife, moving head seat, grinding disc, grinding disc motor, control box, suction box, etc. composition. As long as put the brushes in the jig, and pass through the cutting knife, grinding disc, dust removal, unloading and other mechanical devices in turn to produce the desired effect of the product. Its capacity is about 36,000 pcs per 12 hours (capacity is provided for reference only, the actual production capacity is adjusted according to the product effect).

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Main Feature

● This equipment introduces advanced German circular grinding technology, high efficiency, high quality, ultra-stable, ultra-speed, quick replacement of products and other advantages, using CAD computer-aided design and manufacturing.

● Two cutting platforms make the cutting quality more stable.

● High-precision fully enclosed steel bridge, after heat treatment, grinding surface, high hardness, not easy to wear.

● Designed with 54 precision fixtures for brush handle, the efficiency can reach 2000pcs per hour.

● Eight positive and negative cone swing rotary imported diamond grinding discs, and a fully enclosed grinding disc suction cover.

● Six-stage frequency conversion adjustable round sharpening treatment effect, automatic timing of dust and air jet.


Basic parameters

Main technical parameters

Machine dimensions: 237cmX68cmX123cm

Timming speed: 20-60pcs/min

Vacuum cleaner dimension: 110cmX64cmX188cm

Working length: 45MM

Case1: 247cmX72cmX150cm(machine)

Working width: 18MM

Case2: 117cmX70cmX150cm(Vacuum cleaner)

Working depth: 10MM

Net weight: 750KG+100KG

Feeding station: 5 bits

Cross weight: 850KG+170KG

Nunber of cutting knife: 2(pcs)

Electric supply: three-phase four-wire 380V 50-60Hz

Brush filament length by eye: 4MM-15MM

Switch power: 32A↑

Number of timming disc: 8

Power: 4.5KW

Timming disc speed: 2800 RPM

Air compressor: 0.4MPa

Timming rate: flat 95%↑, wave 90%↑

Input air tube: 8MM

Input electric for vacuum: 380V-50HZ

Air consumption: ≥0.5㎡/MIN

Vacuum power: 3.5KW

Gear oil: (New Dejia)CC40

Vacuum consumption: 3200m3/h

Turbine oil: (New Dejia gear oil)L-CKD220

Noise: 65(db)

Lubricating grease: 7014-1(The Great Wall High Temperature Grease)


Detail Information

Circular Grinding Treatment

Trimming Machine (9)

Features: 1. Omni-directional spherical surface treatment, grinding rate can reach more than 85%

2. The grinding disc is plated with high-quality imported diamond grains, with fine material, strong toughness and good wear resistance

3. Fully enclosed dust hood, automatic timing air jet, centrifugal dust removal to remove static electricity

4. 3.5KW large flow centrifugal dust collector

Main Mechanism

Features: High-precision fully enclosed steel bridge, after heat treatment, grinding surface, high hardness, not easy to wear.

Trimming Machine (8)
Trimming Machine (7)
Trimming Machine (5)

Cutting Device Part

Features: 1. Using German cutting technology, high precision and wear resistance

2. Imported precision linear bearing tracks, wear-resistant

3. The cutting knife and the knife holder are integrated, with strong stability and high precision

4. Precise fine-tuning of flat hair length adjustment, convenient and quick

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