High Precision Blister Labeling and Packing Machine for Toothbrush

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Main Feature

The main feature of automatic blister and labeling packaging machine is high efficiency, strong stability, high adjustability, low mold cost, easy replacement, wear and tear, low noise and so on. These features are its advantages. It is also very suitable for environmental protection workshop.

Main Application

This equipment is suitable for packing daily products, stationery, hardware, cosmetics, medicine and other blister packaging. Packaging items such as: toothbrushes, pens, solid glue, lip balm, pen, glue, socket, bearing, brake pads, injections and other packaging, so as to improve the grade of products.

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High Precision Blister Labeling and Packing Machine for Toothbrush,
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Based on former toothbrush packing technology from Korea Xinye and German. According to the new toothbrush products in the market, a new automatic toothbrush blister labeling and packaging machine has been developed by self-innovation. Accepted in the market, this equipment has been certified by Chinese authoritative organizations and has become the equipment of “Chinese scientific and technological innovation and invention achievement”. This machine applies full sevo double CAM with one transmitting shaft and double stage servo chain clamp,servo pulling and lebeling,auto feeder cardboard,heating cutting synchronously. The working steps are controlled by PLC.


Machine Data

Technical parameters

Machine dimensions: 3980mmX1068mmX1948mm

Speed: 15-20 times/min

Case dimensions: 4000mmX1200mmX2050mm

Forming length: 195MM-250MM

Case1: 185mmX108mmX195mm

Forming width: 20MM-190MM

2Case2: 235mmX78mmX166mm

Max forming depth: 40MM

Net weight: 1850KG

Max stamped length: 80MM

Gross: 2100KG

Sheet material: PVC/PET

Electric supply: three-phase four-wire 380V 50-60Hz

Thickness of sheet: 0.15MM-0.5MM

Electric switch power: 64A or more

Material of cardboard: White board card, copper card, laser card

Total max power: 14.11KW

Cardboard thickness: 250-500 gram

Running power: 4.2KW

No. for Oil pressure cylinder: No.60 hydraulic oil

Air compressor: 0.65MPa

No. for oil box: CC40 model

Input air tube: 12MM

No. for gear box: CKD220 model

Air consumption: ≥1㎡/MIN

Equipment utilization: Refer to technology document No.2

Cooling water: Pure water

Noise: 60 db

Water temprature: 10-22 degrees

Cooling water consumption: Refrigeration circulation cooling water

Input water tube: 12MM

Detail Information

Automatic Blister and Labeling Packaging Machine (1)

Main Transmitting Shaft

Structure: Servo double CAM connected spindle structure

Feature: 1. Synchronous positioning, high precision

2. High torque, high stability, low wear and tear, low noise

Plastic Uptake Forming

Structure: Pneumatic sliding block fixed positioning type

Feature: Blister forming, accurate positioning accuracy, compact structure, less gas consumption,Easy mold replacement

Automatic Blister and Labeling Packaging Machine (2)
Automatic Blister and Labeling Packaging Machine (3)

Sheet Pulling

Structure: Chain clip pulling sheet by servo

Feature: Stable pulling sheet, accurate positioning, precision tolerance ± 0.2mm, adjustable stroke, no-delay pulling

Heating Forming

Structure: Adopt heat sealing adjustable liquid pressurized cylinder type

Feature: Good heat sealing effect, good flatness, high efficiency, cardboard thickness adjustable easy

Automatic Blister and Labeling Packaging Machine (6)


Structure: Double CAM cutting structure

Feature: 1. low cost of mould, easy replacement,small cutting press,low noise

2.Function station product specification control by dividing rule


Structure: Servo drive,up-stamped

Feature: Labeling stable positioning, high precision, front, back, left, right, up and down three axes adjustable, easy operation for re-change labeling film

Automatic Blister and Labeling Packaging Machine (8)
Automatic Blister and Labeling Packaging Machine (9)

Waste Sheet Of Cutting

Structure: Auto push waste sheet

Feature: 1. Easy operation, small space, high production efficiency, low shutdown rate, strong adjustable, no manual move waste sheet

2. Help for choose automatic card matching equipment in coming working procedure plan

Feeder Cardboard

Structure: Special scan detection

Feature: 1. Cardboard can be high resolution, will not cause thermal bonding mold

2. possible for multilayer cardboard aredetachable

Automatic Blister and Labeling Packaging Machine (12)

Vacuum, Air, Oil Pipeline

Structure: Import cylinder, solenoid valve, oil-free vacuum pump

Feature: Strong stability, high frequency of use, long life, smokeless, low noise, large vacuum force, high safety, suitable for environmental protection workshop use


Structure: Stepless servo speed control, high and new imported numerical control code and PLC programmable, touch screen operation and control mode, digital display heating module

Automatic Blister and Labeling Packaging Machine (13)Based on former toothbrush packing technology from Korea Xinya and German our researchers took the initiative to develop a new type of Automatic Toothbrush Blister Labeling & Packing Machine,combining with the new toothbrush in the market.Comprised of automatic paper setting,thermal synthesis technology and punching shear,this machine applies full Servo labeling,enjoying high-tech imported CNC coding and PLC programmable logic ,which gives this new machines an edge in high efficiency,high stability high adjustability,low cost of molding,convenient replacment,low wear,low noise level and so on.
This machine has been obtained a number of nationak technical invention patents.
The packing machine won the “China’s scientific and technological innovation and invention achievements”

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