Pneumatic Filament Cutting Machine

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The equipment is composed of mechanical structures such as frame, material rack, tool holder, and limit holder. Place the brush filament in the material rack, feed the material to the limited position, and cut out the required brush filament length. Its capacity is about 300 kilograms of filaments per hour.

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Suitable for all kinds of brush filaments, such as: toothbrush filaments, cosmetic brush filaments, industrial brush filaments,etc., and can cut the filaments to the required length.

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Main Feature

● This equipment is easy to operate, high efficiency, high quality, and high stability.

● The hair cutting knife made of imported steel is more durable and stable, and the brush filaments are not sticky, and it does not need a long time to sharpen the knife.

● This equipment uses Airtac cylinders to increase the life of the equipment by more than 150% compared with the previous generation, and it is more durable and wear-resistant.


Machine dimensions: 1200mmX500mmX1200mm

Pressure: 2-6Mpa

Weight: 175kg

Longest product tolerance: 0.05-0.2mm

Detail Information

Pneumatic Filament Cutting Machine

Hair Cutting Device Part

Principle: Using the pneumatic automatic lock hair, double buffer cylinder and pressurized hair cutting

Features: 1. the standard length of hair can make fine-tuning ruler (the longest product tolerance is 0.05~0.2mm).

2. if cut the remaining length of hair 35m can use the cutting back way to cut 30mm left.

3. knife and permanent seat use German special cutting materials through vacuum treatment grinding surface.

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